This is the REPLAY of the Workshop on Limits & Boundaries

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This workshop is for you if:

  • "No!" and "Don't!" are regularly coming out of your mouth but you see no meaningful action follow 
  • You feel that your child 'knows better' but carries on repeating unwanted behaviours
  • You want to empower yourself in setting safe limits and boundaries with an understanding of child behaviour to guide you in using strategies that work

This workshop will run for 90 minutes and will cover:

    • Understanding your child and making sense of what ignoring is about
    • What limits and boundaries are, and why they matter
    • How to set limits and boundaries, what works, what doesn't
    • Real life examples that come from your lived experiences to bring the strategies to life
    • Delving into what might make you feel stuck when you feel not heard and not seen by your child. And what to do about it!


    There is a 30min Q&A at the end with questions received during the LIVE.  All questions were answered with confidentiliaty in mind.

    REPLAY - Why aren't you doing as you're told? Dr MDC Workshop

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