This workshop is for you if:

  • You have want to understand sibling relationships better
  • You want to support siblings to have a healthy relationship with each other
  • You struggle to know how to offer an approach that meets their different needs.
  • For all sibling relationships. All families welcome
  • PLEASE NOTE - If you purchase this before Friday 2nd of July ticket gives you access to the LIVE Q&A

This Workshop Replay runs for 75 minutes and covers:

  • Understanding Sibling Relationships
  • Offering a Framework to help you support sibling relationships
  • Offering ideas of contexts that foster healthy relationships in siblings and ways you can invite this into your homes
  • Real-life examples as provided by you to offer a felt sense of things.
  • Witnessing the Q&A and some of the questions asked on the night 

REPLAY - Sibling Relationships Workshop

  • This video is hosted on Vimeo and your access will be available for unlimited use. I reserve the right to remove, update or change the video at any time.