This workshop REPLAY is for you if:


  • You have used many strategies to try and make Anxiety go away without any success
  • You want to understand Anxiety to feel more confident in using strategies that work to support your child when it shows up.
  • You want to develop a toolkit to develop your child's resilience and coping skills when Anxiety shows up (and have tolls that ground you in the moment to support them!)


This workshop run for 60 minutes with a 30min Q&A at the end. It covers:

  • Understanding Anxiety from a Bio-Psycho-Social perspective
  • What helps to shrink Anxiety and what can make it grow
  • How to support your child when Anxiety shows with strategies that work!
  • Ways to develop your child's resilience and coping skills to offer them tools they can learn to use in Anxious moments.
  • Real life examples will be weaved throughout this workshop from your lived experiences to bring the strategies we discuss to life
  • A Script to support conversations around Anxiety with your child will be included along with videos that demonstrate some the techniques and ideas to give you a felt sense of what it looks like in practice.

REPLAY of 'RidingThe Wave of Anxiety' WORKSHOP

  • This video is hosted on Vimeo and your access will be available for unlimited use. I reserve the right to remove, update or change the video at any time.